Monday, 26 December 2016

Great Things Happen When You Do Crazy Things

We decided to Challenge our physical and mental strength by making Stretch riding part of our next getaway; oh yeah we’re ready to shake up our routine and challenge the adventurer within us.
New breed of thrill-a-marathon riding. We decided to do a 600 kms ride in 10 hours...HYDERABAD – NAGARJUNA SAGAR – SRISAILAM – HYDERABAD. For non-conventional bikers like us , trying extreme riding like this may be intimidating, but venturing out of your comfort zone ramps up your personal fun quotient, satisfies your urge to explore and offers a rugged new riding challenge. Well what did we do? We fully loaded our bike tanks the night before and prepared cutting-edge gear for a wild escapade like this. In Ramnna’s words..."NO HARM IN TRYIN & STRECHING." Harsha believes in 3 pointers; do not stop me from Biking, Photography & Spirited drinks and to me “Bike riding is a midlife-crisis Passion, “I was Plodding through average, everyday life doing my job, caring for my family “Motor bike riding gave me new energy. All this added to and then there’s the thrill factor: We kicked off our 600km journey at 6.00 am …First break point was Nagarjuna sagar which is 205 kms away from Hyderabad. We have planned quite a few rides in the past to Nagarjuna sagar with lot of breaks, but this trip offered new challenges: The road itself was not our destination, and we had to reach specific locations to do the adventurous ride. Reached Nagarjuna Sagar by 8.10 our first pit shop to break the fast. During breakfast we caught up with our usual biker gossips & state politics.

8.45 am Kicked off from Nagarjuna sagar towards Srisailam which is 189 kms. This terrain we were about to cover was unknown to us. We witnessed lot of virgin rivers and over lonely passes which are often overlooked. But this trip offered new challenge like 70 kms of thick forest road to ride on.

Our second stop a Srisailam sikara top most point AT 1.30 PM …it was almost lunch by than …Hunger, tiredness, butt ache, cramps surrounded us after burning all those calories by just riding aimlessly. For us stretch riding is all about exploring the destination, not imbibing the local flavor, nor picking up conversations with people and of course, not indulging in food. It was pure Riding & that too hard riding! We haggled for a while after lunch and finally moved on towards our final destination which was Hyderabad. The dam greeted us. The mountains beckoned us. The weather was just hot. Standing against the dam, it was the perfect backdrop for a selfie. A lot of tourists would like to venture out into the mountains, go on dam site, visit local temples and drink in the beauty of the landscape. All we wanted to do was to Ride the beast. We rode through the forest, countryside and little villages with traditional homes.

As we headed to Hyderabad. This time, the sun decided to give us company. As we rode, it was a feast to the eyes and ears. There is really nothing like the thump of a bullet. Back at the Hyderabad by 6.00 pm Challenge 600kms accomplished, time to celebrate the evening with music, food and wine. Sipping the chilled beer, I was high as I swayed to the beats and plunged into a mood of revelry and fun. Stretch riding may sound different and crazy to people, but this ride surely touches the soul and leaves you refreshed. That’s when my Junior (OJ) asked me when I was back home …where have u been …I smiled and said… Great things happen when you do crazy things!!
Take a Bow Ramana & Harsha for being a part of this Crazy stuff. Next time, do nothing on your holiday and let the stretch ride seep into our bones.

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